What to Look for in a Leesburg Tree Removal Contractor

Tree removal can be a very tedious and dangerous process when not done with the right equipment and by professionals. It’s always recommended that you hire a contractor who is licensed and certified to remove trees and the stumps that are left behind. We have trained arborists on staff and only use professional equipment.

Professional cutting down a large tree

Genesis Tree Service is fully licensed and insured and has been in operation for more than seven years. We have the experience and specialty skills necessary to provide the following services quickly and safely:

Residential Services

Trees around your home’s yard add beauty, privacy, and shade. Sometimes these tree become overgrown and can actually cause a hazard. Branches can grow too long and extend into a neighbor’s yard or over top your house or another┬ástructure. When this happens, you’ll need to hire a professional Leesburg tree trimming contractor to safely prune the tree.

Besides a tree growing too much, they can also sometimes get damaged by storms. Summer thunderstorms often cause wind damage and even lightning strikes that can severely damage the tree or even kill it. As unfortunate as this is, you’ll need to quickly call a Leesburg tree company to come assess the damage and remove the tree if it’s required. We also provide these emergency tree services.

One other reason to contact a tree removal service is because sometimes a tree just doesn’t fit your landscape anymore. Maybe you wanted to install a playset for your kids, or a fence to keep your dog out of your neighbor’s lawn. Instead of taking the risk of trying to do the job yourself, we advise that you call a qualified contractor who can provide this service without causing any property damage or, even worse, bodily injury.

Commercial Tree Services

Tree problems don’t just arise in neighborhoods… They’re sometimes required in commercial areas too. Commercial landscaping around the Leesburg area is often designed by architects and requires a licensed contractor to come in and clear the area of existing trees to make room for new ones. And sometimes larger older trees just need to be relocated.

Trees in and around Leesburg businesses, including office complexes and shopping centers, also have to be removed when they become a hazard to the public or even just a nuisance for the property maintenance crew. Hiring a tree removal company with experience working in commercial areas is always advised since there are some safety considerations that are unique to this type of tree work.

Tree Stump Removal

When trees are cut down it is necessary to remove the remaining stump which can either cause spread of disease or deter new development in a particular area. At Genesis Tree Service any tree stump that remains will be removed and the debris cleaned up thoroughly so as to allow for new development.

NOTE: We do not provide stump removal services as a stand alone service. We do, however, provide this service as part of a typical removal job.

Our estimates are always free and have friendly customer service representatives available 24/7 to take your call. This provides you with immediate access to our emergency service when it’s needed.

We pride ourselves with over 7 years of expert service and experience in Leesburg tree care and maintenance in residential and commercial properties. When you contact us for tree work at your home or business, you can rest assured that the job will be completed quickly and safely. Call us today.