Why Every Leesburg Homeowner Needs Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is so far one of the most important tree maintenance procedures. Trimming your Leesburg trees regularly helps to control their growth, boost fruiting, as well as improves the trees’ health. Most trees grow slowly, this makes thinning less needed, but if neglected it can cause serious damage to the tree or even to your home.

Image of tree professional

The frequency of trimming a tree will depend on where the tree is planted and the species. However, most of the trees in Leesburg can be cut any time of the year. When it comes to dealing with large trees, it’s advisable to hire a professional arborist or contact Genesis Tree Service.

Why Trees Need Pruning

Proper pruning is the most vital feature of tree care. Trees that are trimmed on a regular basis are more attractive, stronger, and healthier. Nevertheless, trees which are trimmed improperly can damage the entire structure and end up requiring Leesburg tree removal. Thinning a tree raises more sunlight to your property and lawn. It also helps to prevent the high winds from blowing your trees over since it will have additional areas within the foliage to allow wind to pass through.

Never neglect trees when areas of dead limbs are visible. Taking immediate action and removing the dead branches can minimize the chances of damage to your property or home. Another common reason for tree trimming in Leesburg is to remove crossed or crowded limbs to eliminate hazards, especially over a playground, car park, or walking path.

Common Tree Thinning Procedures

Another common Leesburg trimming procedure is known as clearance pruning and involves cutting a tree to give space between sidewalks, wires, roadways and buildings. Structural pruning, which is performed to establish proper branch structure, helps to ensure that the tree stays stable for long-term growth. Crown cleaning is a method used to remove broken, diseased, dead, or crossing branches.

Why You Should Only Hire Trained Professionals

When the tree thinning is done properly, it provides many benefits to your trees as well as the surrounding. To ensure that your trees are trimmed properly, it’s important you hire a Leesburg arborist that has proper qualifications. The are several advantages of properly thinned trees including being resistant to storm damage, increased safety, better visual appeal, and improved defenses against pathogens and pest attacks. Pruning that is poorly conducted can cause permanent damage and even death.

A trained professional contractor understands how thinning influences the growth and health of your trees. They also adhere to the scientifically established standards established by the International Society of Arboriculture. Your money is best spent hiring a true professional. This guarantees protection of your property and loved ones.

Why Caution Should Be Taken When Pruning

It’s important to understand that every single cut can potentially stimulate or hinder the growth of the tree. This is one reason why branches should never be detached without good reason. Trees normally manufacture a thick crown of leaves. This plays the role of producing the sugar, which is used to provide energy for the development and growth of the tree. Getting rid of too much foliage reduces the ability of the tree to remain healthy. This can easily cause unnecessary stress on the tree’s health.

Genesis Tree Service offers professional pruning services in Leesburg Virginia at affordable rates. We understand every aspect of tree biology and will always keep your trees’ best interest in mind. Call us today for a free estimate.